"In English please"

The beginning of March was very special for our 3rd and 4th year students, because they got the chance to take part in an English course: 5 native speakers spent a whole week at our school and worked with our students. These were John and Sorrel from England, Brandon from Ireland, Shonae from Trinidad&Tobago and Katerina from South Africa.

There were six lessons every day, and in these lessons the students created a show and a video. Working on these projects meant being creative in producing the scripts, bringing props and costumes, building the scenery, etc., and it also meant learning a lot about camera work.

The students were supposed to speak English only, and most of them tried really hard to fulfil that task seriously.

At the end of the English course there was a show, where all other students and teachers were invited, who gave a big applause to the actors and actresses.

Congratulations to all participants!


The week was great, but a bit stressful. I liked the atmosphere in our group and it was great fun. Although we were with children from other classes, I enjoyed it really much! (Lydia, 4m)


I definitely enjoyed it a lot, the teachers were nice and working on the show was always fun . I really liked it when we tried the English food, but I would have liked to get more J(Georg, 4m)


The whole week was really fantastic. It was different from our “normal” lessons and the teachers were nice. The games were cool and the videos and shows, too. (Lilly, 4m)


The English course was really cool, because we could be so creative. It was also really fantastic because our teachers were so great! Now I think I can talk English better than before. (Luisa, 4m)


I think the English course was a great experience and a lot of fun. We could be very creative, utter our ideas and knew there are no mistakes, only things we learn. That was great! It was also cool to make our own show and video. First I thought it might be a little bit stressful working on both things at the same time, but then I realized it wasn't. I won't forget the week. It was a great time - THANK YOU! (Marlena, 4m)


The week was really cool and I liked the show. It was stressful, but it was okay. I liked my teacher. (Laura, 4m)